Tomáš Řízek ilustrace

Řízek Tomáš 湯瑪士·瑞杰可

illustrator, graphic designer and painter


Tomáš Řízek

Cernicka 8
100 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

mobil +420 602 272 677
phone +420 274 782 078

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„The Graduate Institute of Children´s Literature“ of National Taitung University Taiwan (No 7/2007.03) „...Illustrator Tomas Rizek connects all events of the written story together through the double page illustrations. There are usually different events on the left page and the right page, but the colours and atmosphere of the whole double page illustration is able to link them together in one chain of events.... Each page depicts a period of life as a part of landscape. The composition of the illustrations through changes in contrasts between real and imaginary and between close and distant skillfully emphasizes the meaning of the words and shows richness in expression. “


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